Reimagining Elegance: Bally Unveils New Visual Identity in Zurich Store

Bally Unveils Visual Identity Zurich Store
Bally Unveils Visual Identity Zurich Store

Swiss fashion powerhouse, Bally, has recently unveiled its captivating new visual identity at the reopening of its Zurich store. This exciting concept was initially introduced at their flagship New York store earlier in the year, and now, Europe witnesses the transformation of its first store with the updated design, marking a significant milestone for the brand’s evolution.

At the heart of this refined concept lies the Bally Haus, a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, reminiscent of an upscale apartment. Vintage furniture and modernist curiosities come together in perfect harmony, creating an inviting and stylish ambiance.

With keen attention to detail, Bally’s 350-square-meter space in Zurich showcases a stunning combination of metals and wood, reflecting the brand’s commitment to Swiss design elements that embody the region’s rich culture and values. Germanic-style velvet chairs, a timeless 1968 Shogun lamp, and a locally crafted ‘Twilight’ standing lamp by John and Samantha Ritschl-Lassoudry exude a sense of character and artistry.


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The architectural choices further elevate the brand’s heritage and environmental consciousness. Natural wood, paying tribute to Bally’s roots, takes center stage, complemented by oak wood parquet in an elegant herringbone motif, adding a touch of industrial sophistication.

Bally’s commitment to sustainability shines through the meticulous selection of materials. Over 90 percent of the elements used, including repurposed aluminum and eco-certified wood, pay homage to the pristine forests of the Jura Mountains, where the brand was born.

With its alluring new visual identity, Bally’s Zurich store stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to progress, embracing a harmonious blend of past and present, elegance, and innovation. A true celebration of Bally’s heritage and its vision for the future.