Dani Harmer says bye to Beaker Interview

Dani Harmer says bye to Beaker Interview
Dani Harmer says bye to Beaker Interview

Dani Harmer captured the imaginations of thousands of children, as she brought Jacqueline Wilson's most loveable character, Tracy Beaker, to life in the children's television adaptation of the book.

Now the show is coming to an end as spin off, Tracy Beaker Returns, is back for the final time – and Dani, who turns 23 this year, is ready to ditch the curly locks and shed her child-star image.
She talks to FemaleFirst about Beaker, BAFTAs, and being Doctor Who’s next assistant.

How did you find out about the role – did your hair give you a head start?
I went to a theatre school and I got sent for the audition, so basically through my agent. I do actually have an afro in real life, my hair is ridiculously curly! So that was actually my real hair, but I never had it cut in that style because it was disgusting. I used to be in make up for a good hour in the morning getting it all pinned up to make it look shorter because it’s quite long!
You started playing Tracy Morgan at a young age, did you ever feel like you missed out on your childhood by devoting so much of it to filming?

I was 12 when I started, so I suppose I did miss out on things, but I also got to do loads of stuff that not many other 12 year olds get to do, like presenting on CBBC, and going to awards ceremonies. When I was 16 I got to go to Buckingham Palace to be involved with the Queen’s birthday. So, yes, I did miss out on a lot, but I also got to do loads of stuff that teenagers would die to do. It was a completely different childhood, but I don’t regret it at all.

Tracy was a much loved character – are you going to miss playing her?
Yeah, I am going to miss playing her because she was so much fun and you never quite know where her moods are going to go, and I like that about a character, when you have no idea how she’s going to react in situations, and it is fun getting to shout at people, because I don’t do that in real life. I am going to miss the character, and it was ten years of my life but I’m excited about playing other characters.