Exclusive Interview of RudyBois with Designerz Central

Exclusive Interview of RudyBois with Designerz Central
Exclusive Interview of RudyBois with Designerz Central

RudyBois Talks to Designerz Central.

1. What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Becoming a fashion designer is a child dream come true to me. I don’t really know why I’ve gotten this gift and passion, but empowering women with my designs is what brings me the most satisfaction in my work, so it definitely inspires me.

2. What is your designing philosophy, what do you keep in mind while designing?

Chic, minimalism and drama!

3. What is your brand all about?

It’s about fighting our inner fear everyday to become a better human being. More concretely, RUDYBOIS is very chic, minimalistic andrefined.

4. How has your brand evolved over the years?

RUDYBOIS has been there for only about 2 years. My style as a designer evolves from season to season, but it’s already recognizable by the minimalistic-chic and dramatic twists of my designs.

5. Which markets are you currently catering too?

For the moment our products are only available through our e-commerce forum in North America. But we are really looking forward to see woman from around the globe wearing my designs!

6. What would you call the “Defining moment of your Career”?

Probably when my debut collection is bought and distributed across Canada next to the top designers of the world.

7. The business cycle is not easy to endure. Can you name a Guru who guided you?

Unfortunately in Canada and more precisely in Quebec there is no support for those who are courageous enough to jump into the fashion business. Hopefully Britta Kröger, former high-end buyer helps me each season figuring out what could be done another way and it shall help me get better each collection.

8. When you see your dresses looking good on an individual, how do you feel?

I feel so emotional! Especially the first time I saw a woman wearing my designs, I truly heldmy tears.

9. In case of an unsatisfactory customer, do you accept criticism; ever lose your temper?

It depends from who it comes from. Since the beginning I’ve had to face criticism and it’s been a part of my job. When it comes from people with an interest into fashion and especially high-end fashion, I really take in consideration and accept their opinions, but when it comes from people who obviously don’t get fashion and arts in general I just tell myself that I’ve done it the right way. Sometimes ‘’chocking’’ people is a good thing to help them question themselves and grow from it.

10. What thrills you?

I’m very ‘’vainglorious’’ in a way and it thrills me to fight my inner fear and do and be what I really want. Otherwise I really love making interviews; it’s a part of my job I really enjoy!

11. Your competitors in business, are they a threat?

Of course any competitors are a threat and you have to consider them that way. Nothing in the fashion business is granted. You have to work every day to remind people that you’re there and that you’re the leader!

12. How do you see your work, five years from now?

In five years I hope RUDYBOIS will be sold worldwide and that I will get more and more opportunities to do what I love and passionate about.

13. Any fashion advice you want to give to youth?

Keep dreaming, be yourself and listen to your heart.