Interview Lara Stone

Interview of Lara Stone at Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week 2012
Interview of Lara Stone at Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Interview of Lara Stone at Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Interviewer: There are two heroes in this shoot: You and the SL car. (Lara laughs) How is it different to model with a car?

Lara: The difference about modelling with a car as opposed to modelling with another model is that the car doesn’t talk back — which I quite like! (laughs)
Interviewer: This is the first time you’ve worked with Alex Prager. Tell us a little bit about the experience.
Lara: Working with Alex Prager has been wonderful. She’s just a dream to work with. She’s very quick and she knows what she’s doing. She’s got everything planned out, which is quite rare when you’re working on a fashion shoot. In that respect, it’s wonderful.
Interviewer: She’s wanting you to do a little acting, as well — not only modelling. Is that right?
Lara: Well, yeah, there’s obviously a tornado in the picture with me. And sometimes I’m frightened of it (feigns terror), and sometimes I’m not that scared (frowns at the camera), and sometimes I just think it looks really pretty (gazes adoringly into the distance).
Interviewer: The fashion business is hard work, and you travel a lot. How do you relax?
Lara: I make everybody give me massages all day long at work. (laughs) That is usually what I do.
Interviewer: We’re shooting the next Mercedes-Benz key visual here, and the theme is ‘Icons of Style’. Do you have a personal icon of style?
Lara: I think one of my biggest style icons is Carine Roitfeld. I think she’s amazing as a person, as a woman, as an editor, as a stylist, all those things — a friend and a mother. She’s perfect.
Interviewer: You’ve been the face of so many fashion brands. What’s special about working with Mercedes-Benz?
Lara: It’s really great working for a brand like Mercedes-Benz, because over the years — ever since I’ve been working in fashion — they’ve always been such a big part of so many things that we do. You know, like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York and Berlin — all those different places and all the different things that they’re a part of. As far as luxury brands go, you know, there’s Calvin Klein and all those other brands, and then there’s Mercedes-Benz cars. I think they go so great together, and it’s a wonderful honour.
Interviewer: Have there been any highlights for you in your career, so far?
Lara: I think, for me, one of the highlights of my career must have been when I signed a contract with Calvin Klein, which was about two years ago now. That was, you know, amazing. It’s such a great iconic brand to be a part of — to be a part of their family is really special.
Interviewer: Can you describe your personal style?
Lara: In my personal life, I like to dress quite simply and mainly for comfort. Especially when you travel so much, I think it’s easy to just stick to things that are easily mixed and matched. Jeans and T-shirts and shorts and a sweater, so you don’t have to drag five suitcases around the world with you.
Interviewer: You’ll be coming to Berlin in January. Have you been to Berlin before?
Lara: Yeah, I’ve been to Berlin twice — no, three times already. I went this summer. We went to see Morrissey in concert. At the former Spandau prison, I think? That was really amazing. I loved that. And then I’ve been twice now with Calvin Klein. It’s such a great city. I really loved the whole atmosphere.
The culture there is amazing. The people there are so much fun. It’s such a great town.
Interviewer: Last question. Do you have any tips for anyone starting out in the modelling business?
Lara: I think, when you start out in modelling… You know, girls mainly start out when they’re really very young, so the most important thing is to finish school before you start working full-time. Otherwise, there’s really no point. I think it’s not a good idea to just do this job. And if you have any other talents, then go and do that instead! (laughs) That was a joke. Yeah, you just have to really try and be yourself. And listen to your instincts, because you’re usually right about the things you do want to do and don’t want to do. And you have to be really clear with everyone about where your boundaries are.

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