Martin Premuzic talks to Designerzcentral

Martin Premuzic talks to Designerzcentral
Martin Premuzic talks to Designerzcentral

Martin Premuzic Creative and Managing Director Temporary Showroom Talks to Designerz Central.

1. Lets start by asking you to explain the concept of Temporary Showroom Temporary Showroom is a store, a showroom and a fashion agency.

It is a platform for European based and international fashion designers. The idea is to support and to present avantgarde fashion with innovative concepts, through events organisation, showrooms,
collaboration projects and Studio/Catwalk shows for the designers.
The term “temporary” refers to the transformation from shop to showroom during fashion week in Berlin and other special events held at our location.

2. When you draw a line between traditional services and Innovative strategies,we need to know the difference.Some examples can help to elucidate

What makes us innovant is the fact that we are multidisciplinary. Indeed, through the shop we are in direct contact with the customers, so we understand their needs regarding fashion. This gives us the opportunity to give direct feedbacks of the customer to the designers we are working with.
We also provide the brands full presentation options: a showroom, a studio presentation, a catwalk show and the presentation in our shop.

3. Your focus seems to be on fashion only.Any particular reason limiting yourself to this aspect.

Temporary Showroom actually started as an art place : Martin Premuzic (the owner) opened the space 7 years ago, and there was just a few fashion pieces. He was selling art magazines, books, art pieces… But slowly, fashion became bigger, and he started to represent some brands as a fashion agency.
Today Temporary Showroom is mainly focused in fashion, but Martin is very open to art collaborations…

4. What exactly are unconventional strategies,and if applied,how do they help to promote brand awareness

As described in question 2, our strategy is to be the link between the customers needs and the designers. We also use a lot the social medias to promote our brands, and we often lend pieces to stylists for photo and shootings .

After every fashion week, we also prepare a report for every brand that we work with, to give them the
feelings and thoughts of the buyers, press and customers about their new collection, which the brands are very thankful for. We also advise the brands about the reception of the current collection among our store customers.

5. Having grown fairly large,how do you avoid the temptation of being self assertive in front of clients

First of all, we are a young easy going team, and we don’t like that kind of behavior.

Then, and even though the agency has grown, we only represent 4 brands in order to work and understand them as best as possible, and we really believe in those brands, their collections and their concepts. This does not make us assertive with the clients, but convinced of our products and their qualities.


6. What are the means used to entice female customers

We have amazing brands with avantgarde pieces with really special shapes and fabrics, and we believe the pieces talk for themselves. We also like to talk to our customers, make them feel comfortable, recomend them if they wish, and when something does not fit, we just tell the truth!

7. In promoting upcoming designers,what criteria is used to grade them as upcoming.

We consider upcoming designers those that don’t have many collections nor many shops stocking them.

8. And how do you decide to accept brands,under your services umbrella

The most important for us is that the concept and the aesthetic of the brand fit us. We are mainly focused on scandinavian and avantgarde brands, which create special pieces, using special
fabrics and playing with the shapes and prints. We are also really interested in unisex brands.

9. Any experience of dissatisfied clients.

Sometimes we can’t offer to our customer additional sizes. The reason is because we aim exclusivity and very special pieces are stocked only in one size.

10. The obsession for fashion show services is apparent from your profile!Do you agree that obsession is indeed there to stay.

Well, we are getting bigger and we like a lot the direction that our “boat” is taking, so of course we want to keep going that way! The new concept of the agency is to concentrate from now onwards on the trade shows in Paris and New York apart from Fashion Week Berlin.

11. Ever considered moving to fashion centers in Asia

Not really. There is a big fashion market growing in Asia, and even if young european designers attract a lot the asian market, we want to have good foundations here, so it’s probably too soon to talk about moving anywhere else!