Puma Inks Long-Term Agreement to Outfit RB Leipzig Teams


Puma, the renowned German sportswear giant, has unveiled a significant multi-year agreement with the esteemed Bundesliga team,

RB Leipzig, marking a pivotal partnership in the world of football. Starting with the 2024-25 season, Puma will become the official supplier of sports kits for all levels of the RB Leipzig club, encompassing the men’s, women’s, and youth squads.

This expansive deal goes beyond the mere provision of athletic attire. Puma has been granted an extensive array of rights that span sponsorship and merchandising opportunities. Fans can expect to see Puma’s presence prominently featured through match day advertisements within the iconic Red Bull Arena, home to RB Leipzig’s thrilling football matches, as well as within the RB Leipzig Football Academy, a breeding ground for future football talents.

Moreover, the partnership extends into the digital realm, with Puma set to engage fans and supporters through innovative digital activations, enhancing the football experience both on and off the field. This digital engagement is poised to connect fans more closely with the brand and the club, fostering a deeper sense of community and loyalty.

In a move that underscores the comprehensive nature of this partnership, Puma will also extend its support to the burgeoning esports sector by equipping RB Leipzig’s esports team. This inclusion highlights the evolving landscape of sports sponsorships, acknowledging the growing importance of virtual sports alongside traditional athletic endeavors.

This collaboration between Puma and RB Leipzig signifies a strategic alliance that promises to bring together the best of sports innovation, performance, and fan engagement, setting a new standard for sports partnerships.