Queen Elizabeth Puts Her Reputation On The Line For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

The inquiry into the claims that Meghan Markle intimidated a number of her employees is now complete.

The study was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II more than a year ago, but she has chosen not to make the results public. The action has drawn a lot of criticism.

The Queen has come under fire from many for her lack of candor over the upsetting claims that Markle intimidated palace staff. However, some royal insiders asserted that she had a good excuse for ending the commotion. The 96-year-old Queen decided to hide the article because, according to sources close to her, she is tired of the drama surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and believes it is time for it to end. According to a royal insider who spoke with Katie Nicholl of Vanity Fair, Her Majesty had had enough of the monarchy’s dirty laundry and decided it was time to save the institution’s honor and reputation. The famed author stated: “The queen feels there has been enough drama around the Sussexes, and she wants a line to be drawn.” According to royal commentator and author Richard Fitzwilliams, the Sussexes view the decision to withhold the release of the much-awaited investigation’s findings as an “olive branch.” Prior to Prince Harry’s impending biography, which he claimed may cause havoc surrounding the British royal family, he claimed Buckingham Palace made the bold and prudent decision to reach out to him. In a way, Her Majesty is advising Markle and Prince Harry to concentrate on their philanthropies and charities rather than starting new controversies by releasing purported truth bombs. He stated: “The Palace, faced with the possibility of a memoir by Harry later this year and who knows what else if the Sussexes, as budding philanthropists, were antagonized, has simply closed it down. This is obviously an olive branch to the Sussexes too.” As per us daily report, killing the probe comes at a heavy price for her Majesty, whose reputation has taken a hit. According to the Daily Mail, during the investigation, “broken royal aides testified of feeling humiliated, sick, terrified, left shaking with fear, and being reduced to tears. Meghan was accused of having inflicted emotional cruelty on her staff and drove them out. One branded the Sussexes outrageous bullies.” The aides who claimed Markle humiliated and bullied them have experienced significant sorrow and anguish as a result of the Queen’s decision to keep the results a secret. One source said to the Daily Mail: “People suspected it would be buried, and now it seems that it has. Considering those who participated did so at great personal and reputational risk to themselves, the fact that they haven’t even been told what the findings are is unfathomable.” The person added: “I am sure they will be deeply distressed but perhaps not entirely surprised given how things have been handled. The household seems to be terrified of upsetting or provoking Harry and Meghan.” Another defeated insider confessed: “What was the point?” Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex expressed their disappointment with the decision. The charges were refuted by the Sussexes’ attorneys in 2021, and Markle claimed that the royal family was “perpetuating falsehoods” about her and Prince Harry.