Amanda Seyfried Talks ‘Lovelace’ at New York Premiere

'Lovelace' Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody playing porn stars
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"Lovelace" Premieres at New York - Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy
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"Lovelace" Premieres at New York - Amanda Seyfried
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"Lovelace" Premieres at New York - Amanda Seyfried Talks

Adam Brody and Amanda Seyfried play adult film stars in the new Linda Lovelace biopic “Lovelace"; premieres at the Museum of Modern Art hosted by the Cinema Society & MCM.

Adam Brody plays adult film star of legend Harry Reems in the new Linda Lovelace biopic “Lovelace.” As he explained at a screening of the film in New York on Tuesday, his approach to the role was well researched. “I porned up, got my porn on for days, hours, weeks,” said the always affably dweeby Brody. “I don’t even know what I dreamt and what really happened. I went to a ‘very lubricated’ place.”

Held at the Museum of Modern Art, the event, hosted by the Cinema Society & MCM with Grey Goose, drew Amanda Seyfried, who plays the titular “Deep Throat” star, and costars Peter Sarsgaard, Hank Azaria, Debi Mazar, Chris Noth and Sharon Stone, as well as directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Despite the Seventies adult film industry being at the center of the film, Seyfried said its theme was more profound.

“It’s not really about porn, we’re telling Linda’s story,” said Seyfried, who wore a structural Givenchy dress, of Lovelace’s plight in the industry at the hands of an abusive husband. “The hardest part was being manhandled. It’s hard as an actor even to play these scenes, especially when they’ve actually occurred to our heroine. It’s hard to play somebody that existed.”

Stone, in a Blumarine gown and “20-year-old” gilded Gucci heels, said taking on the role of Lovelace’s complex mother was a welcome challenge. “I like the meaty parts,” she said. “You know, I like to take the tough parts. I like a challenge. That works for me. That’s what I’m looking for.” About the movie, Stone said, “It’s a good date movie. It’s fun and up, even though it’s got a lot of complex issues going on. It’s just a cool movie.”

Noth, who wore a suit from the “Sex and the City” set due to his shopping “panic attacks,” said that while he brushed up on the 1972 “Deep Throat” for the movie, “It’s hard to watch a lot [of it]. It’s pretty funny, actually.”

Mazar walked the red carpet but skipped the screening because, she said, she could not “watch myself have an orgasm, sorry, I just can’t.” About filming the steamy scene, based on an actual cut from “Deep Throat,” she said, “It was a little nerve-wracking, knowing I was going to be naked.…My husband got to play my porn star, so at least I had the comfort of my husband in that scene with me. So, I had to deliver comedy in a very dark movie. "Regarding her selection as a porn star, Mazar said she was surprised to be asked.

The after party, held at the Refinery Rooftop, drew a crowd of curious onlookers that included Joan Smalls, James Marsden, Zachary Quinto, Lou Reed, Zosia Mamet and Gloria Steinem.

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