Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi”

Fashion Awards  “Città dei Sassi”: a Night of Roman Holiday in Matera
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Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Armando Terribili Collection
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Armando Terribili
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Balletto
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Carlo Alberto Terranova
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Cinema
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Filippo Grandulli
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Giuseppe D'Urso
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Luca Tomassoli
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Maison Calignano
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Michele Miglionico
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Paolo Fumarulo
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Prize Distribution
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Prize Giving
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Prize Ceremony
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Prizes
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Sofia Brucoli
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Final Ceremony
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Final Prize Ceremony
Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” - Roberto Guarducci

An incredible success of public, style and elegance at the 5th edition of the Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi”: Winner Designer: Giuseppe D’Urso

Great success for  the Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi", sensuality, passion, originality in the sign of style and elegance, those the elements that have characterised the fifth edition of the National and International Competition for Haute Couture Designers. The aim of the competition is to identify, promote and reward the fashion creators, to discover emerging designers and/or professionals in the field of women’s fashion and to enhance their  talent in the frame of the "Sassi" of Matera (Unesco Patrimony of Humanity, a candidate for European Capital of Culture 2019).

The event, organized by by Sabrina Gallitto with the sponsorship of Regione Basilicata, APT  tourist office of Basilicata, Matera’s municipality and by CNA-Federmoda with artistic director Roberto Guarducci, Executive Director Enzo Centonze, directed and choreographed by Stefania Coralluzzo and the assistants Vincenzo Scasciamacchia, Annalisa Gallitto, scenes of Marianna Coretti, photography by Paolo Lorusso  was presented by model, actress and television presenter Sofia Bruscoli and took place in the wonderful Piazza San Francesco d’Assisi of Matera.

Eight the finalists: Anna Pulpito, Brigida Lorusso, Filippo Grandulli, Giuseppe D’Urso, Leon Klaassen Bos, Luca Tomassoli, Marco Calandra, Valentina Caramia.

Winner of the 5th Edition of Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" was Italian designer Giuseppe D’urso (La Spezia), also awarded with the "Fashion Award at the Cinema" dedicated this year to the actress Audrey Hepburn, movie and style icon in the world, as a tribute on the occasion of 20 years since her death. The "Critics Award" was given to Brigida Lorusso (Altamura, Italy), while the Special Prize "Rendez-Vous de la Mode" was given by Antonio Palazzo Vice Director of the magazine to  Valentina Caramia (Laterza). The Special Prize "Donna Impresa" was awarded by the Director of the magazine Valeriana Mariani to Sabrina Gallitto of

To open the evening after a video dedicated to the actress Audrey Hepburn followed  the creation of the designer Roberto Guarducci, who wanted to portray the image of the unforgettable actress. After the presentation of the two juries the night continued with seven magnificent historic clothes by Maison Sarli and the mention to the memory by the Creative Director Carlo Alberto Terranova to the master figure Fausto Sarli with the presentation of a book dedicated to him entitled  ‘Geometriche Poesie’.

The eight finalists competing for the award  came one after another  in the competition presenting and parading  six outfits for each one of them: the dutch Leon Klaassen Bos then the italians: Filippo Grandulli, Luca Tomassoli, Anna Pulpito, Valentina Caramia, Marco Calandra, Giuseppe D’Urso and Brigida Lorusso.

Fashion, music and entertainment, the winning formula of the kermesse with the performance of the dancers of the Dance School Diana Viti of Matera, the vocal performances of the tenor Roberto Lenoci, singer Federica Bruselles, young performer Francesco Milillo, and romanian singer Mariana Mihalache, aka Ariana, returning from the participation in her country of the programs X-Factor and Eurovision. In the second part of the evening the Fashion Award Città dei Sassi celebrated the creations of designers who were already awarded in previous editions: Michele Gaudiomonte winner in 2008, Maurizio Licata in 2010, Anna Mattarocci in 2011 and Erasmo Fiorentino in 2012.

Then followed the wonderful creations from the modern glamour by Michele Miglionico, while the designer Armando Terribili celebrated with his creations the unforgettable actress Audrey Hepburn and the stylist Paolo Fumarulo paraded the world of the bride. The show ended great with fourteen beautiful and sophisticated creations of Gianni Calignano.

To confer the victory there were a tecnical and a journalistic jury. The first jury was composed of President Carlo Alberto Terranova (Maison Sarli Creative Director), Roberto Guarducci (designer and Professor at the Faculty of science and technology of fashion of the University of Bari), Gianni Calignano (stylist), Michele Miglionico (fashion designer), Paolo Fumarulo (stylist), Armando Terribili (Illustrator and Designer) princess Rosalba Messeni Nemagna, Nicola Altomonte (Press Office and public relations), and the journalists: Michela Zio (MF Fashion), Cinzia Malvini (LA7 and LA7d), Antonio Palazzo and Sandra Rondini (Rendez-Vous De La Mode Magazine), Chiara Cavallino and Elena Stella Ronzi (Fashion Channel), Alessandro Barrafato (Di Tutto Magazine), Valeriana Mariani and Bruno Romano Baldassarri (Business Woman Magazine), Franco Martina (Ansa), Michele Capolupo (, Cinzia Scarciolla ( and Patrizia Minardi (Basilicata Region).

Among the guests of the fifth edition of Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" the Mayor of the municipality of Matera Salvatore Adduce that greeted the audience commenting "in the sign of beauty, intended also as the harmony between people, of the landscape and, why not, of the originals clothing", the Vice Mayor of the municipality of Bari Alfonso Pisicchio and international supermodel Claire Atkinson.

A stylish soirée to remember, one of those events able to interbreed the spell of a unique evening and a natural setting out of the ordinary and that make fashion feel alive, beating, capable of giving great suggestions, pure beauty, outlining to the Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" an indelible mark, spectacular.