7 Hottest Celebrity Vacation Spots

7 Best Vacation Spots For Celebrity Run-Ins
7 Best Vacation Spots For Celebrity Run-Ins

Here's where to go and stay, so you too, can vacation like a star. Find out the best celebrity vacations spots

Celebrity Vacation Spots are numerous, located all around the globe and, quite honestly, a bit too expensive for everyday folks, which of course doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to this one of the kind, A-list vacation. Visiting these popular celebrity vacation spots will not only prove to be a wonderful experience but you’ll also have a chance to come back home with an autograph or maybe even a photo of your favorite celeb. So, if you’ve been working hard this year and managed to save enough money to party even harder, check out these fab celebrity vacation spots you can visit:


Gorgeous beaches, luxurious places and a landscape do die for – no wonder celebrities love Saint- Tropez! I could have been there myself this summer, chilling in the luxurious, not to mention very affordable apartment my friend could hook me up with but noooo, we have to save the money for the wedding. Too bad because I could have crossed paths with some really popular Hollywood faces such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Vicky and David Beckham or maybe even the cute and totally down to earth Keanu Reeves!


This beautiful island sure has many things to offer and it’s been one of the most popular celebrity vacation spots ever since the King, Elvis himself blew the whistle in 1950’s. Posh stars such as Paris Hilton visit this island for its luxurious shops, hotels, restaurants and, of course, a chance to just pose on a gorgeous beach while some more dynamic celebs, such as Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoy golfing, scuba diving as well as many other interesting things Maui has to offer.


But, let’s not forget St Barts, which is also one of the well known celebrity vacation spots! Anybody who deserves to be called somebody in Hollywood has been here at least once which might have something to do with the fact that we’re talking about one really beautiful spot but probably has more to do with trends and the monkey-see-monkey-do attitude. Celebrities have moved on and started exploring different places, although Saint Barts certainly still its “regulars” as well as the more important and unquestionably profitable good reputation.


The world’s most eligible bachelor and probably the only man that you, your mom and your grandma consider totally cute, loves Italy and its wild beauty and he definitely isn’t the only celeb that likes to kick back and relax on Lake Como. This lake has been the popular vacation spot for rich and influential people since like ever and George definitely deserves credit for putting it back on the map.


I’ve heard that Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and another very popular dude whose name I can’t remember at the moment all have houses on Mykonos and like to hang out there in months that aren’t so popular for tourists. Greece is not one of the most popular celebrity vacation spots so many famous people who don’t want to be seen, followed, photographed or gossiped about decide to spend their holidays here and enjoy the peace and quiet they couldn’t have hoped for back home.


Celebrities just love, love, love Cabo because it’s gorgeous, filled with luxurious “jet-set only” places and not to mention quite close to home, which means they can escape their busy lifestyles anytime and have a peaceful, relaxing weekend. Jennifer Aniston loves it and the same can be said for her colleague celebrities Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow and, of course, afore mentioned, always popular, George Clooney.


Chilling on this breathtaking island costs quite a bit, but if you’re a celebrity, you simply must visit it at least once in your career. Wait strike that! If you are the lucky lottery winner whose only wish is to collect as many autographs as possible, I suggest you to start your mission right here.


Source: travel.allwomenstalk