The Best Gadgets to Use When Traveling with Your Family

Planning a family trip during COVID-19 will take some extra planning. However, if you’re able to get away from an urban hot spot and get a break from the heat, you can both protect your family from the spread of the virus and enjoy the great outdoors in relative peace and privacy.

Here is some tech gear you can use specifically during the pandemic and for future trips.

Travel In Peace With Headphones

Adding a pair of noise-canceling headphones to your computer bag can save a lot of squabbling and stress. Let your child enjoy their own tunes, listen to an audiobook, or watch a movie in peace while you and your spouse do the same. You can also use these to get some work done when you get to your destination.

A Mini-Projector

Toss your kids’ favorite movies on a thumb drive and even if you don’t have the internet at your vacation spot, you and your family can enjoy a film on a mini-projector. This handy little tool is less than half a pound and can be charged up for remote use.

Portable, Collapsible Shelving

Depending on how long you’ll be at your destination, a set of collapsible shelving could make it easy to help your children stay organized. If you’re on the road with multiple children, everyone will need their own suitcase. In addition, pack portable shelving you can set up in a sleeping area. At the end of every day, children will be responsible for putting their own gear back on their shelf.

This handy, collapsible shelving comes with a travel pack and pouches that hang off the side. If you’re traveling with an infant, this tool would be a great place to store toys and diapers.

Keep Everyone In the Loop

One of the biggest challenges for kids on the road is their understanding of the distance that needs to be traveled and how much longer the trip will be. To reduce this frustration and help your child understand how to plan my trip, schedule activities, and find out where the family is at the moment, consider creating a paper document or pdf where they can track landmarks. For example, if you’re on a 4-hour trip and plan to stop for lunch, list the lunch location and a landmark that your child will see before the lunch stop.

Do the same for the end location so your child can develop a sense of distance, time, and movement. Eventually, they’ll be able to track their own travel on a smart device. Tracking as a family will reduce anxiety and keep your kids engaged.

Fasten Down What You Can

If you’re traveling with an infant in a rear-facing seat, you’ll need a mirror to make baby visible. In addition, do your best to create tethers or straps for your collection of soothing baby toys. Once you’ve packed the car the day before and loaded (hopefully) still sleeping baby in the car, tether their toys to the car seat or to a carabiner attached nearby. Even if the baby tosses that critical toy, you can easily reach it because it’s fastened by a strap, so you just pull it back by the strap and hand it back to the baby. Another option is to travel with a wide variety of toys accessible in a handy bag or basket close to the baby.

When traveling with an infant, be very careful about what you store in the trunk. Consider packing an easy-to-access bag that contains a change of clothing for everyone in the car close at hand. One upset tummy can mean that the adults in the car need a change of clothes as well, and you don’t want to have to claw through multiple cases to find something clean to wear.

Whether you’re flying, taking the train or driving, kids come with a lot of gear. However, if you’re organized and willing to invest in things that will work both on the road and at your destination, you can enjoy safe, peaceful travel with all the members of your family. Pack reusable face masks in a watertight container so you can wash them before your next outing.