Leonie Hanne Style Inspiration to Wear Flowy Outfits

Sophisticated Ways to Wear Flowy Outfits
Sophisticated Ways to Wear Flowy Outfits

Street style ideas on how to style flowy clothes following the style icon Leonie Hanne.

If you’re thinking that flowy clothes will just make you look frumpy and shapeless, in fact, free-flowing dress that comes with a lot of fabric can be a fashion statement when styled properly. Wondering how to wear palazzo pants without looking like you just came from a resort and long skirts looking sophisticated and chic instead of boho-beachy? Keep on reading to get some inspiration.

From Hamburg, Germany, Leonie Hanne is a style blogger known for her sophisticated and classic style featuring flowing fabrics, special cuts, creative prints, and good quality materials. Leonie normally teams her voluminous clothes with classic and sleek accessories. Her blog Ohh Couture, serves as her virtual diary showcasing her great looks where she gives her most simple outfits a very personal touch that makes the style look individually and casual.

To keep your flowy clothes sophisticated and classic, go for finer and softer fabrics like chiffon or cotton and skip stiff ones like denim or neoprene. Flowy clothes are made of soft, light and breathable fabrics that are versatile and comfortable. Like Leonie, you may opt for asymmetric styles, unique designs, creative cuts and such to avoid looking frumpy and sloppy.

Wearing flowy clothes in a sophisticated way is all about the balance. If you want to wear a voluminous top, then wear a fitted bottom. On the other hand, if you want to wear a long skirt that is flowy or has pleats, make sure to balance the outfit by wearing well-fitted tops. By doing this, you tone down the voluminous effect of the flowy ensemble that makes you look stylish. Always consider your body shape and while wearing your outfit and use tricks like balancing the proportions or color blocking technique.

Wearing stylish belts will help you to break the monotony of a single-fabric outfit. Leonie creatively wears belts on her flowy clothes like flowy cardigans, stiff capes and even shapeless dresses to add some waist definition to shapeless ensembles. Have your pick on which style of belts best suit you.

For those chilly evenings, putting on a poncho, kimono, structured blazer, cardigan, and suit can really do wonders to shape up your outfit. Creative prints such as stripes, Aztec, checks, chevron and such would add some texture to a plain outfit. But, if you’re in the mood for rocker chic, opt for a leather jacket instead.

You may play on the flowy clothes to nail oversized trend in a sophisticated way like Leonie did. Know your assets and flaws to show off and conceal them. For showing off your curves, you may go for a pencil skirt or a mermaid skirt to accentuate your curved bottom while not drawing too much attention. If you wish to hide your fat thighs, nothing would do the job better than a long maxi skirt in dark colors to get a slimming effect and balance your outfit with a tank top. Or, like Leonie, you may show some skin with off shoulder tops to balance the voluminous shape of your outfit.

Statement shoes are great to balance your flowy ensembles. Look for those with unique designs, creative prints, and eye-catching details. Gladiator sandals, lace-up shoes, leopard print shoes, and such are great examples.

Flowy clothes and oversized pieces are no longer sloppy and shapeless with great styling. Like Leonie, wear your flowy clothes in a sophisticated way and a fashion statement is guaranteed.

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