Stelle Audio Mini Clutch Bluetooth Speaker

Stelle Audio reveals Mini-Clutch Speaker
Stelle Audio reveals Mini-Clutch Speaker

Stellé Audio is leading the way in audio technology with wireless speakers that are the perfect union of sound and style.

Fashion and technology do go down well together, make no mistake about it. After all, the upcoming Apple Watch looks set to be a top selling blockbuster despite the rather high entry price that many expect it to come with (with a $5,000 edition in the pipeline as well, or so we have heard), which brings us to the case of this new kind of wearable technology that is not only stylish, but also functional to boot. I am referring to Stellé Audio’s new Mini-Clutch Speaker, which is a spanking new carry-all which will be able to take on new meaning with clutch, wireless speaker and speakerphone , all rolled into one.

How does the Mini-Clutch Speaker work? First of all, it will incorporate a wireless speaker as well as a speakerphone, where it can be opened up in order to show off a mirror and has adequate amount of room for daily essentials. It can be deemed to be the perfect conversation-starting accessory when it comes to parties, weekend getaways or nights out. Your ears too, will definitely be able to enjoy the kind of tunes that the lightweight Mini-Clutch streams audio sans wires, thanks to high-quality Bluetooth that brings the party and music wherever you go.

For those who think that they might have seen the Mini-Clutch Speaker idea somewhere before, this is because it predecessor, the Clutch Speaker, has been designed to be an official accessory in Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2013 Collection. Ever since then, Stellé Audio has continued to grow from strength to strength when it comes to delivering groundbreaking wireless audio products where women are concerned, including the DwellStudio Pillar Wireless Speaker as well as the brand new Mini-Clutch.

Of course, this is going to be one of the more expensive portable speakers around, since you can choose from the Dazzling Diamond model at $199 which is ideal for a fancy night out or to add some bling to your look, while the $149 Blue Love is a little bit less outlandish and grand, thanks to its fun graffiti-inspired design that is ideal for teens and creatives. Apart from that, there is also the $149 Metallic Purple that sports gold accents, making it ideal for everyday use.

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